Commission & Charges

Securities Trading Commissions

Market Online Trade Commission Min. Charge
Hong Kong Free
Hong Kong grey market^ 0.08% HKD15
China Free
U.S. Free
U.K. 0.15% GBP 20
Japan 0.20% JPY 2,000
Australia 0.20% AUD 40
Singapore 0.15% SGD 15
Malaysia 0.25% MYR 60
Indonesia 0.30% IDR 300,000


  1. The above Standard Charges is only applicable for account opened via online account opening channel.
  2. The above fee table is not applicable for clients with AE. Clients may contact their corresponding AE for the details of service charges.
  3. For more information, please refer to the “Other Charges Details” at the bottom of this page.
  4. ^All promotions are not applicable.
  5. The above fee schedule is applicable to clients onboarded since 1/3/2021, fee schedules of existing clients remain unchanged.



Futures & Options Trading Commissions

Market Online trading commission Per contract
Hong Kong Free
Global Free


  1. Settlement currency will be applied if it is different from the currency stated above.
  2. Please refer to the “Other charges details” at the bottom of this page for platform fees and other details.

Futures Account Intraday Trade with Margin Multiplier

Margin Multiplier Global Futures (commission per contract) HK Futures*

(commission per contract)

2x USD 2 HKD 5
3x USD 3 HKD 10
4x USD 4 HKD 15

* With specific requirements

  1. For trading selected contracts and products only.
  2. Not applicable to overnight positions.
  3. Commissions for AE clients should follow the respective fee schedule as agreed.


Other Charges Details

Hong Kong and Global securities trading and other charges details download
Hong Kong and Global Futures & Options trading download